SME owner, independent professional or part of a marketing team, you will need a strong SEO strategy.

SEO Consultant in...


Local SEO

Local SEO strategies focus on your city and neighbourhood. Generate proximity sales, get featured in the first positions for queries around your products or services.

SEO Audit

Both technical and integral audits for your project. Detailed analysis focused on getting real insights in order to define next steps aiming to get more organic visotors.

Website Migration

Turnkey projects. Domain, server and/or technology migrations. Both consultancy and a thorough process of implementation.

José Luis Rivolta

SEO Consultant since 2013. I’ve taken part in huge projects from USA, Europe, LATAM and Australia, always focused in generating more sales, leads and/or revenue for my clients.

In July 2020 I got my SEO Manager certification at BlueArray (see here). As of 2021 I am SEO Manager at Seotronix, an international SEO Agency with major clients from all over the world.

I am responsible for managing a technical 9 person team. I’ve worked with clients such as SkyScanner, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Billabong, Wideo and many others.

Why is it important to prioritize SEO in each business?

Because of market maturity

Nowadays every business is thinking of SEO, there's no chance we can avoid that. Your business needs to be up it's game, otherwise it's in huge risk of losing clients.

SEO brings visitors, leads and sales

It's not just visitors; SEO brings qualified visitors, potencial leads or even clients to your business. If you don't work on your organic visibility, you will leave money on the table.

In the long term, ROI will be positive

SEO is a long-term game. In the short-term you can rely on Ads, in the long term you need organic visibility.

Organic visibility brings trust in your brand

In case of sceptical users who look for your brand in the Internet, I can help you show them the thousands of satisfied clients you already have. In Local SEO, this is even more important.

Organic visibility strengthens your brand

Having a solid organic visibility healps your branding. If we develop a solid content strategy, this is even better. Brand awareness can bring more sales.

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Basic Local SEO guide - How do I start?

The key is to be consistent in the information you show, in the reviews (Google Reviews), in OnPage optimization and Linkbuilding.

Content Strategy - The definitive guide

The key to develop a solid content strategy is good organization; you have to be thorought while developing your keyword research, your…

Basic SEO for SMEs guide - How do I start?

It depends on the business, it’s reach and more. In spite of that, I’ve developed a basic guide including the most common situations.


Definitely, no. This is not because of rejection of a particular business, but for the business’ maturity, it’s size of because of it’s objectives. SEO is a high-cost service because of all the resources and projection needed, which have to be aligned to the business’ objectives, and it’s not always possible.

Because of this, we need to first have a call, evaluate viability and then I will make a service proposal. You can reach me out at so we can schedule a brief call.

It depends. It depends on the client’s needs, on it’s budget, on the rush and many other things. Costs usually start at U$D 1.000 depending on what it needs to be done.

A full SEO Audit might take 3-5 weeks. A technology migration (CMS change) might take up to 3 months. An Ongoing SEO Consultancy is a monthly service that it’s price is going to be determined to the client’s needs.

NO. SEO is a very particular field where you can’t find a precise guarantee, and in fact is a key indicator: If anyone gives you precise guarantee (“in 3 month you will be in first position for Keyword_Example”), I strongly recommend you not to work with that person.

So: “If no guarantee, how do we measure SEO growth?“. We are going to work based on different KPIs such as organic visitors, a set of positions of keywords (it can be used as a KPI, not as a guarantee trigger), conversions and more. Any project has it’s own KPIs, so we will be able to specify them on the bases of a specific project.

It depends. Depends on its needs (an initial SEO Audit will help determine what’s in there and what needs to be done, priorities), the budget itself and many other things.

To sumarize, there are a few contact services (such as a Technical SEO Audit, or a website migration) that, even if it depends on the site and the project itself, they usually don’t take longer than 2 months of work. Also, there are other ongoing services such as Local SEO, Linkbuilding, developing a content strategy and more. They are said to be constant because the longer we work on a project, the bigger it can become. In short: More time = Better results.

We work together?